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My Story

“I feel very blessed to be a full-time entrepreneur using the internet. It allows me to be home more with my family and I can attend all my kids activities and field trips at their schools and usually I’m the only dad there.


I am able to become healthier as well because of less stress from a job and I can workout 4-5 days a week at the gym with no crowd since I no longer have to go in the evenings. Also, I am able to be involved more at my church and serve more people with my coaching and online marketing consulting biz.

But it has not always been this great.  Not that long ago, only 3 years ago, I literally had $12.06 13 days before Christmas. I had to borrow $50 from my sister just to pay my NSF of $38.


In the same year, I was $35K in debt because of a failed business venture and I was fired from my 14th job.

I was near divorce…seriously…divorce lawyers were being called and I couldn’t go to my kids activities because I had to work my 15th job 14-15 hours a day.

I was depressed, humiliated and I was pissed off at GOD…I actually cursed GOD a few times.  And all the while, I was working hard on my home based business, doing a lot of “busy” stuff…

I was driving all across town for meetings, doing parties at home, talking to every living soul I saw in public about my business and posting on FB and social media 9 times a day, using automated software…”just spamming and inboxing people away” trying to sell my business and yet failing more and more.

It was like the harder I worked, the less money I made and despite investing nearly $70,000 in internet marketing, sales, influence training and attending workshops, seminars, conferences and events all over the USA, I produced mediocre results of $200+ a month and I was tired…

And in that moment, I had to make a decision…I call it my ‘$3K in a Day’ decision.

I could choose to either quit and be miserable on a 16th job or I could figure this out and start making sales online.  So, I knew that quitters never win and in that moment, I realized I needed a coach, mentor and guidance.

So, I scrapped up every penny I had and invested in an online marketing/business coach and did everything she told me to the T from reading books, proper marketing, how to do ads, etc and 5 months later, I earned my first $3,000+ day online and have created several 4-figure income days since.

Now, I’m able to help other network marketers and entrepreneurs create successful business online and get the results they desire.


I’m able to share my expertise online and at offline events and personally coach others to awesome results online and it feels great!

Thank you for reading!



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