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Hey my friend…how’s it going?

Chris here!

I was cruising the internet the other day and came across some folks who “claim” to be marketing gurus online and they were selling themselves to other loan officers about how cheap their leads are.


I mean the guy was bragging like, “Hey, we got leads for a cheap at $0.52…”

Now, my trained ear and my “fake guru boo boo” radar meter was going off as I dug a little deeper and realized that the leads were crap.

The only information in the lead was name, email, phone and a hopeful monthly payment amount.

This reminded me some of the same crap you get from Zillow, Lending Tree, Realtor.com, etc when all these companies “brag” about how cheap their leads are but never tell you the closing ratio of them.

They also sell them to 5, 10, 20 or more other loan officers too!



Well, because that’s not their concern.  They know that the majority of amateur LO’s are more concerned with how cheap the leads are and not if they are quality and can be closed.

Shoot, I talked to someone who told me it takes them to call 500 leads to get 1 deal funded!

Yep…I was blown away too!

Professionals know that you “get what you pay for” especially when it comes to lead generation and 99 times out of 100, if the leads are cheap, they are crap.  For the other cat, it was 499 times out of 500!


That’s the difference with our service!

Our simple trial campaign guarantees 20 EXCLUSIVE, QUALIFIED, REAL-TIME, long-form referrals.  You get 15 points of data and our LO’s are app’ing anywhere from 10-25%.

Shoot, I don’t know about you but I do not have the time to call 100 or 500 people to hopefully get 1 deal funded.

So, be careful what the “so-call” gurus are saying out there and know which metric you should really pay attention to.

I thank GOD we focus on QUALITY over QUANTITY and have happier clients for that too!


If you want to get more information and setup a simple trial to see how you too can begin to double or triple your closings (plus have some great leads to give your Realtor and Ins. Agent partners), setup a time to speak on my calendar here: https://calendly.com/chrisharold/15min

Talk soon,




About Christopher Harold

I am an Online Marketing Coach, Consultant & Speaker who helps entrepreneurs who are struggling to sell their products and services online genreate more traffic, leads and sales and automate their business so that they can double their revenue while having a life. I'm married with 3 kids and love to travel as well as share my beliefs that God has created you to live an abundant life! I can help you! Thank you for reading my posts! If you would like to connect, reach out to me on Facebook.

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