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Fastest Way To Get Loans From Realtors!

Hey my friend, in today’s competitive and connected world, cold calls to real estate agents are about the worst way to get a loan there is. Agents get tons of calls a day.

From sign callers to vendors selling stuff, an agent’s phone is constantly filled with sales pitches.


Needless to say, if you’re pitching an Agent, they’ve already heard anything you can say. Especially since Agents couldn’t care less about rates, fees or days in underwriting.

In one of the loan officer groups I belong to, a guy posted and asked what would be the best line to give to an Agent to get business from them.

My reply was simple:
“Hey Agent, I have a hot lead that I’ve qualified that is looking to buy a home/sell a home in your market.  Are you free to take on new clients? Are you able to speak about this in detail now?“You may be thinking “Sure, Chris that sounds great but I don’t have a lead and I’m not going to call and lie to an Agent I’m trying to build an honest relationship with.”

You’re right! I’d never tell or ask you to lie. Salespeople who lie are weak. Strong salespeople don’t need to lie to close deals. Your mission is to make that statement true.

In other words, YOU NEED LEADS TO GIVE TO AGENTS! leadsWe live in a what can you do for me? world. Everyone who’s calling on Agents are asking them for business. 

It’s not just one person per industry either. It’s dozens of LOs, title companies, inspectors, sign companies and everyone else in the world, asking for business.

In order for you to stand out and get their attention, you need to make the offer to give, not take.

By hitting an Agent up and offering to give them business instead of asking to take business from them, you’ve taken away their ability to give you the same old ‘I already have a lender” response.

Now, there are a three ways for you to get leads!

#1. You can do the old-school and time consuming method looking for leads by driving to offices, cold calling or going to networking events.

 #2. You can just use the power of social media to prospect effectively.  The key word is ‘effectively’ and unless you know what you’re doing, you might blow it.  Check out the FREE DOWNLOAD below to do it right!


#3. I can send you exclusive, qualified and real-time referral leads daily and show you how to do it yourself like I have other LO’s just like you.
With my service, not only will you be able to generate your own business, you will become valuable resource to the top realtors out there!
You see, it doesn’t have to be that hard to get a lead that you can hand off to an Agent.  If the Agent doesn’t close the lead, it doesn’t matter. The fact that you gave first, puts you in control and enables the law of reciprocity to kick in. When you ask for business, it will be super hard for them to give you a NO.
Just make sure to leverage every lead you get to start as many new relationships as possible.
Sometimes you can’t do anything for a lead. Say they have not-so great credit and need to sell their home to pay off debt. You can’t do a loan for them and the average LO would turn them down and move on.

A good LO will get them to an Agent to sell their home, then ask the Agent for a client in return.  An even better LO will get them to credit repair and close them on a new home in 6 months.

Make sense?

Look, you need my help and I can help you!
If you want to become a valuable resource for Agents ASAP, download this FREE CHEATSHEET that will show you 5 Ways To Get Mortgage Leads with Social Media and setup a quick call with me here!
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Talk soon!
–  Chris
P.S. Attached is a sample exclusive referral I can generate for you plus see the line Working with a real estate agent?  That’s your gold-mine to filling your new Agent partners pipeline and increasing your value!
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