Have you ran out of family and friends to pitch your business to?
Awww…yes….I can remember it like it was yesterday because actually it was only a short time ago.
I was so excited and pumped up about my new network marketing business.
It made total sense to me.
I saw the opportunity to change my life…
…and not just my life but also my family and friends lives as well.
When I called up my family and friends to share with them this life changing opportunity that could finally all of us out of the 9 to 5 rut…
…finally get all of us out of debt…
…finally get all of us living a different lifestyle…
They didn’t return my calls.
They didn’t answer me on social media…
They didn’t reply to my emails…
They avoided me like the plague and when I finally did speak with them…
…they laughed, scoffed, turned their noses up and called me, “Stupid and a get rich quick scam artist.”
My sponsor and the upline at the presentation when I joined told me all that I need to do was to tell my family and friends and they would join and we all would get paid…
They told me that all I needed to do was get 2 that gets 2 that gets 2 that gets 2 and we would be financially free!
They told me this business is easy and that anyone can do it!
Then they told me that after my family and friends all joined that if I wanted to, I could just go talk to any random stranger at a mall or public place and recruit them in my business!
Then they said hey now you can go on Facebook and just post flyers in different groups, tag all my friends my promotions and inbox random strangers canned scripts and they will join my business too!
That’s what they told me…
they did…they did…they did…but the truth of it is…
IT WAS 98% B—S–T!  (You fill in the blanks).
Why 98% you ask?
Well, there is always some truth in everything…
If you can relate to this right now in your business then you know we all were sold a bunch of bologna and I don’t know your preference of sandwich meat but I hate bolonga.
So after spending thousands of dollars and countless hours going to hotels meetings, hosting parties, buying flyers and business cards, going to networking groups, buying tables and booths for events, spamming online and getting little to no results, I REALIZED THAT NO ONE WHO IS SERIOUS IS GOING TO JOIN ME DOING THIS CRAP!
If I truly wanted to change my life and not wait until I’m 85 years old to do so with that plan, I had to wake up and see the times!
I had to invest in an online marketing mentor and business coach who knew my profession and created results in it too!
You see I invested lots of money in education, personal development and online marketing training but like most, the training was bland and generic and not for my profession.
It was a typical online marketing info product — ONE SIZE FITS ALL — no matter if you sold tomatoes, clothes, cats or flowers and wanted to sell it online.
So like most people (91%) who buy generic info online training products, I failed and struggled with them and not to mention, the after-purchase personal support and help was non-existent too!
HOWEVER, when I found my mentor and coach who specialized in my profession and personally guided and helped me, my results went from having $50-$100 months to $3,000+ DAYS in my home business!
So, how great is your business going for you?
Are you still stuck?
Would you love to begin to get the results you desire online?
Would you like to be one step closer to going full time in your business?
Are you still spamming random folks online who are unfriending and just ignoring you?
Would getting 10, 20 or 50 more targeted leads a day on autopilot change your business?
Are you still doing some of the wasteful offline activities that yield very little results?
I know where you are…I have been there…and if you truly want PERSONAL HELP AND GUIDANCE to get to the other side of your challenges, setup a breakthrough coaching session with me here now.
If you plan on 2017 not being a replay of your 2016 (which will be for 98% of people in your niche), it starts right now today.
Do not make the mistake of thinking you will fix 2017 in January of 2017
THAT’S WHAT PROCRASTINATORS DO and procrastinators are not successful entrepreneurs…
Your change for 2017 starts right now right here while there is still time and still hope for you!
I wish I had someone willing to speak with me to help me change my results years ago when I joined my first MLM in 2002.
NO…I had to suffer through them and waste valuable time and moneystruggling and quitting and joining another and struggling and quitting and joining another and struggling and quitting and joining another and so on…
(I think you get it.)
That vicious cycle was finally broken a couple years ago and now I want to help you break yours IF YOU SERIOUSLY want to change your life!
If you do not want to change your life yet, I get it…you have not struggled enough yet and unfortunately most likely, you will continue…
But IF YOU DO want to change your life and business now, I implore you to while you can to Use this link now and let’s chat!
Christopher S. Harold
“Your Online Marketing Mentor”



About Christopher Harold

I am an Online Marketing Coach, Consultant & Speaker who helps entrepreneurs who are struggling to sell their products and services online genreate more traffic, leads and sales and automate their business so that they can double their revenue while having a life. I'm married with 3 kids and love to travel as well as share my beliefs that God has created you to live an abundant life! I can help you! Thank you for reading my posts! If you would like to connect, reach out to me on Facebook.

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