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#1 Cool Way To Generate Leads

Here’s a quick LEAD GENERATION TIP for you.

In fact, this actually comes from my FREE E-BOOK, 21 Ways To Get Leads, that you can download for FREE and implement now at www.21waystogetleads.com.

Also, below I will share some screenshots from my daily lead count in my business and if you would like to “EXPLODE YOUR BUSINESS ONLINE”, setup a FREE 1 on 1 breakthrough coaching session here while spots remain.

1) Give valuable content away (PDF, Video, Guide, etc) – A great idea would be the “ying-yang” short video. The Ying is telling someone what to do to get a result. For example, if someone wanted to lose weight, tell them to stop eating bad foods, exercise more and eat healthy.

The Yang would be showing them exactly how to eat healthy (meal plan), what specific exercises to do and what bad foods to get rid of by name.LEADS1

Another example could be if someone wanted to sell more products online. The Ying would be to create a responsive list, nurture them and send them offers that they are interested in.

The yang would be “how to” create a responsive email list, what kind of traffic to create, what kind of email follow up campaigns to send and when to send them and how to ask for the sale at the right time.LEADS2

These can be delivered effectively via video using the 5-Step Video Leads Approach (something that I teach my clients and students in the Online Dream Machine Blueprint) with just a 2-3 minute video with a strong call to action to your “yang” to help them get the result much faster or a PDF, book, DVD, etc.

If you would like to EXPLODE YOUR BUSINESS ONLINE, setup a FREE 1 on 1 breakthrough coaching session here while spots remain here!

Get 20 other ways to get leads by downloading my FREE E-BOOK, 21 Ways To Get Leads, at www.21waystogetleads.com




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