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3 Steps To Attracting Abundance

Wanna know how to attract more abundance in your life?

Sure, right?

Abundance is something we all want and desire but yet most of us have no idea how to truly attract it.


What most of us do is actually the opposite.

We attract more of what we DO NOT want and here’s why:

This is what stops the natural flow of abundance into our lives.

There are three places that we get squeezed, that cut off or crimp the hose of abundance that keeps all the good stuff flowing to us.

Those three squeezes are in these areas:

The present. The first squeeze is around the way things are.

Now, we don’t want to deny how things are, but we don’t want to let them squeeze us.

In fact, one of the secrets to letting go of the squeeze is to get grateful for whatever that thing that you’re buying, that you’re paying for (bills, expenses, groceries, programs, masterminds, etc.).

Be grateful for what you’re getting. grateful

What we want. The second place we can get squeezed is in thinking about the things that we want, whether it’s lots of money, being rich, or whether it’s getting into a new relationship or getting in great shape.

Oftentimes we have mixed feelings about the things that we want, which is sending mixed signals.

The actions we need to take. The third squeeze is in the actions that you think you might need to do in order to get the things that you want.

In order to get into the relationship, or in order to get the abundance or the money, or to askaction for the raise or promotion, or
whatever the thing is.

Taking those action steps, those are the things that are the third squeeze.

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To your prosperity this year,

Christopher S. Harold
“Your Online Marketing Coach and Mentor”



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